Comfort and style of the luxury Barcelona hotels.

Barcelona is a quite popular city for tourists. That is why there are a lot of 5 star Deluxe hotels here waiting to embrace you with the top quality attention and offer you the real heaven on earth due to the qualified staff, elegant interiors and fascinating cuisine offered in the local restaurant. The obvious advantage of these hotels is first of all their location. They are usually placed in the city center offering an easy access to the local sights. If you’re leisure tourist there will be no problem to start your sightseeing tour right from the hotel door.

The other valuable feature of Barcelona luxury hotels is the interiors and special features the hotel tends to offer. A good example is the Claris hotel with it’s the whole different universe created within its walls. On the other hand BCN design is the hotel with plain but considerably tasteful design perfect for businessmen for them not to be distracted.

Precious Hotel 1898 is widely known due to the awesome restaurant with the Italian dishes being served to the guests.